TRUMP vs. COMEY published by Walter Havekorst


I have been asked by a few friends who just can’t make heads or tails of the Comey firing by President Trump. Could I try to explain the mess that it has become. I hope so, so here goes.

Whatever you may think (correctly or incorrectly) of the president’s decision to fire Comey as a matter of political policy, there is no applicable basis for concluding that the president engaged in a criminal act by exercising his legal and constitutional authority to fire FBI Director Comey.  Yes it was legal!

He had all the legal right do exactly what he did. In order for President Trump to be accused by the left of a criminal act there must be both an actus reus and mens rea — that is, a criminal act accompanied by a criminal state of mind.  Legalese mumbo jumbo! But it says it all. So, let the left prove that or just shut up.

Mr. Comey himself wrote in his letter directed to the FBI, no one should doubt the authority of the president to fire the Director for any reason or no reason.

Criminal law should be used as the last resort against elected officials such as Trump, not as the opening salvo in a political knife-fight but using illegal guns. There is no place in our democracy for legal but as pliable statutes according to them, that can be stretched to fit lawful or unlawful conduct with which political opponents of the opposite party seem to always disagree.  If these politicians are allowed to be stretch and make malleable their disfavors today to defeat their political enemies, they could be stretched tomorrow to go after yours or my political friends.  That’s not America.

What we see now is that there is more than enough fodder for a debate over the virtues or imperfections of the president’s actions without muddying the political waters with politically motivated charges of criminality. What nonsense all of this has become.

Partisanship by the left and the liberal press seems to have no limits these days. Everything to these people is either evil or good. Nothing seems to have the elements of both.

Action over this debacle by this legally elected president either deserve a criminal indictment or a Nobel Prize.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Let’s get our heads on straight before decrying criminal acts by our public officials. I hope we are all better than that.

The only criminal acts that I see are from congressional members in service to their country for more than a one term limit timeline.  I hope this helps.